Ropes & Gray Advises BPEA EQT in Partnership with Nord Anglia Education to Acquire IMG Academy for 1.25 Billion

Nov 10, 2018
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Welcome to James D Jones, a trusted name in the legal industry. In this article, we will discuss the groundbreaking partnership between BPEA EQT and Nord Anglia Education, advised by Ropes & Gray, to acquire IMG Academy for a staggering 1.25 billion dollars. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the world of education and showcases the immense value of IMG Academy's services. Read on to learn more about this exciting development.

The Players

Let's start by familiarizing ourselves with the key players involved in this remarkable partnership. BPEA EQT is a leading private equity firm with a strong focus on growth-driven investments. Their extensive expertise and financial prowess make them an ideal partner for a groundbreaking venture like this. Nord Anglia Education, on the other hand, is a global education organization that operates highly regarded international schools around the world. Both BPEA EQT and Nord Anglia Education bring unique strengths to the table, setting the stage for an exceptional partnership.

The Acquisition

The acquisition of IMG Academy by BPEA EQT in partnership with Nord Anglia Education signifies a monumental shift in the education sector. With a price tag of 1.25 billion dollars, it is one of the largest transactions in recent years. IMG Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida, is renowned for its world-class sports training facility and respected academic programs. The academy has a rich history of producing exceptional athletes and providing comprehensive education to students from around the globe.

Impact on Education

This partnership between BPEA EQT and Nord Anglia Education is set to reshape the landscape of education. By combining the outstanding sports training capabilities of IMG Academy with the global reach and educational expertise of Nord Anglia Education, this collaboration promises to unlock new possibilities for students. The enhanced resources and investment will fuel innovation, expand program offerings, and create exciting opportunities for aspiring athletes and academically driven individuals alike.

Revolutionizing Sports Training

The acquisition of IMG Academy by BPEA EQT and Nord Anglia Education opens doors to a revolution in sports training. With BPEA EQT's deep financial backing and Nord Anglia Education's proven track record in delivering exceptional education, IMG Academy can further expand its offerings and attract top talent from across the globe. This partnership will enable athletes to receive unparalleled training, guidance, and opportunities for their athletic careers, nurturing the next generation of champions in various sports disciplines.

Global Reach and Network

Nord Anglia Education's global network of schools spans across several continents, making it the ideal partner for IMG Academy's expansion plans. This partnership will enable IMG Academy to leverage Nord Anglia Education's strong presence and established connections with educational institutions worldwide. The collaboration will foster cross-cultural exchanges and provide students with international perspectives, enriching their academic and personal growth.

Commitment to Excellence

Ropes & Gray, a renowned law firm, played a crucial role in advising BPEA EQT and Nord Anglia Education throughout the acquisition process. Their expertise in mergers and acquisitions, combined with their deep understanding of the education sector, ensured a smooth and successful partnership. Ropes & Gray's commitment to excellence continues to drive their reputation as a trusted legal service provider in the industry.


In conclusion, the partnership between BPEA EQT and Nord Anglia Education to acquire IMG Academy for 1.25 billion dollars is a groundbreaking development in education and sports training. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way sports talents are nurtured and provide students with unparalleled opportunities. Ropes & Gray's invaluable guidance ensured the success of this partnership, solidifying their position as industry leaders. Stay tuned for more updates on the future endeavors of this remarkable collaboration.

Fabian Marquez
This partnership between BPEA EQT, Nord Anglia Education, and Ropes & Gray is a game-changer for IMG Academy!
Oct 9, 2023