Expunctions and Nondisclosures: Effect on Background Checks

Jul 29, 2019
Criminal Law

Understanding the Importance of Expunctions and Nondisclosures

When it comes to background checks, whether for a new job or housing application, expunctions and nondisclosures play a crucial role in ensuring your past mistakes don't hinder your future opportunities. James D Jones, a leading lawyer specializing in expunctions and nondisclosures in Conroe, Texas, can guide you through these legal processes and help you understand their impact.

What is an Expunction?

An expunction is a legal process that allows for the removal of certain criminal charges from your record. Once successfully expunged, the charges are no longer visible to potential employers, landlords, or others conducting background checks. This can significantly improve your chances of obtaining employment, housing, and other opportunities that may have been previously affected by your criminal record.

How Does a Nondisclosure Work?

A nondisclosure, on the other hand, is a legal mechanism that seals the record of certain criminal offenses from the public. While the charges may still be visible to government agencies and law enforcement, they are generally not accessible to the public or private entities conducting background checks. It's important to note that not all offenses are eligible for nondisclosure, and seeking legal advice from James D Jones is crucial to understanding your specific situation.

Eligibility for Expunctions and Nondisclosures

Eligibility for expunctions and nondisclosures depends on various factors, including the type of offense, the outcome of your case, and the time that has passed. James D Jones will carefully assess your situation, ensuring you meet the necessary criteria before proceeding with the appropriate legal process.

Commonly Expunged Offenses:

  • DUI or DWI charges
  • Drug possession or paraphernalia charges
  • Certain juvenile offenses
  • Misdemeanor offenses with dismissed or acquitted charges

Offenses Eligible for Nondisclosure:

  • Non-violent misdemeanor offenses
  • Certain low-level felonies
  • Offenses resulting in deferred adjudication

The Benefits of Expunctions and Nondisclosures

By pursuing an expunction or nondisclosure, you are taking proactive steps towards a better future. The benefits of these legal processes include:

Enhanced Employment Opportunities:

Expunging or sealing past offenses can greatly broaden your career prospects by ensuring potential employers are not deterred by a criminal record during background checks.

Improved Housing Options:

A clean record resulting from an expunction or nondisclosure can increase your chances of securing rental housing and lease agreements where a background check is often required.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your past mistakes are no longer visible to the public can provide you with peace of mind and help you move forward with confidence.

Consult James D Jones for Expert Legal Assistance

James D Jones, a highly experienced attorney in expunctions and nondisclosures in Conroe, Texas, is here to help you navigate the legal complexities surrounding background checks. With extensive knowledge of the local legal system and a commitment to providing personalized representation, James D Jones will work tirelessly to ensure your expunction or nondisclosure is handled effectively and efficiently.

Don't let your past hinder your future opportunities. Contact James D Jones today for a confidential consultation and take control of your background checks.