Benefiting from SSDI vs SSI Benefits

Nov 14, 2023

When it comes to navigating the complexities of social security benefits, it's crucial to understand the differences between SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits. These two programs are designed to provide financial assistance to individuals with disabilities, but their eligibility criteria and benefits vary.

The Basics of SSDI

SSDI is a federal program established to assist individuals who have paid into Social Security through taxes on their wages. It acts as a safety net for individuals who are unable to work due to a severe disability and have acquired enough work credits. These work credits are earned through paying Social Security taxes over a certain period of time.

One of the key advantages of SSDI benefits is that they are not based on your income or assets, but rather on your work history and contributions to Social Security. This means that if you have accumulated enough work credits, you may be eligible for SSDI benefits regardless of your financial situation.

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The Fundamentals of SSI

On the other hand, SSI benefits are intended for individuals with limited income and resources, regardless of their work history. SSI is a needs-based program funded by general tax revenues and administered by the Social Security Administration. Unlike SSDI, SSI benefits are means-tested, meaning your income and assets are taken into consideration when determining eligibility.

It's important to note that SSI benefits are not exclusively for individuals with disabilities. Elderly individuals (65 or older) without disabilities may also qualify for SSI if they meet the income and asset requirements. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance related to SSI benefits,'s highly skilled team is here to help.

The Importance of Understanding the Differences

Knowing the distinctions between SSDI and SSI benefits is crucial for making informed decisions. By working with the experienced lawyers at, you can ensure that you receive the maximum benefits available to you.

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Maximizing Your Chances of Success

Applying for SSDI or SSI benefits can be challenging, and the majority of initial claims are often denied. However, don't be discouraged, as our experienced legal team can help you appeal the decision and fight for your rights. We will meticulously gather and present all the necessary evidence to strengthen your case.

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