Clifford Chance advises a consortium of banks on a sustainability-linked financing arrangement for Fugro

Feb 16, 2022
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In recent years, sustainability has become a significant focus for businesses worldwide. As companies strive for greener practices, sustainable financing arrangements have gained increasing attention. In a groundbreaking development, Clifford Chance, a renowned international law firm, has recently advised a consortium of banks on a sustainability-linked financing arrangement for Fugro, a leading provider of geotechnical and survey services.

Understanding Sustainability-Linked Financing

Sustainability-linked financing is a form of funding that incentivizes companies to achieve predefined sustainability targets. Such targets may include reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, or enhancing social impact. The financing terms are typically tied to the company's performance in meeting these targets, offering rewards or penalties based on the achieved outcomes.

Clifford Chance: Trusted Advisors

Clifford Chance, with its extensive expertise in sustainable financing arrangements, played a pivotal role in advising the consortium of banks supporting Fugro's sustainability-linked financing. As a top-tier legal firm with a global network, Clifford Chance is renowned for its ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and provide strategic guidance to clients.

The Implications of the Fugro Financing Arrangement

The sustainability-linked financing arrangement for Fugro marks a remarkable milestone in the company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility. By aligning their financial interests with sustainability goals, Fugro showcases its dedication to sustainable practices and contributes to the greater global objective of mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development.

The Benefits of Sustainability-Linked Financing

Sustainability-linked financing offers numerous benefits to companies and investors alike. For companies, it provides an opportunity to secure funds while actively working towards sustainability targets. This not only encourages responsible business practices but also enhances a company's reputation, attracting environmentally conscious investors and clients.

Investors, on the other hand, benefit from the assurance that their funds are supporting companies committed to sustainable practices. The link between financial incentives and sustainability targets promotes transparency and accountability, instilling confidence in investors and driving positive change on a global scale.


At James D Jones, we applaud Clifford Chance's exemplary work in advising the consortium of banks on the sustainability-linked financing arrangement for Fugro. As a leading law firm in Conroe, we remain dedicated to providing our clients with unrivaled legal expertise in the ever-evolving field of sustainability-linked financing.

Amy Hanes
Great to see Clifford Chance advising on sustainability-linked financing for Fugro! Impressive progress towards sustainable practices.
Nov 11, 2023